Winter WWOOFing

Six weeks ‘off’ was long enough! Despite Christmas, New Year, Birthdays (Star’s and mine!), holiday and various trips to stay with friends, catching up with family and a round of doctors, dentists, opticians and other such appointments we were starting to feel lazy, fat and stale. Too much time spent slumped on sofas, eating, drinking and watching TV, too little time spent outside being productive and active.

So we’re back in Glastonbury again for a couple of weeks, staying at Middlewick which is now far more than just a holiday cottage complex – it’s a smallholding! Complete with chickens, ducks, goats, cat, dog, horses and after helping to create a new home for them on our first day here today, pigs are due to arrive too!

We’ve been lifting, carrying, cleaning, wearing our wellies and getting muddy. Our arms ache and we’ve had lungfuls of fresh air and exercise. Dragon and Star spent the morning climbing the Tor with Maggie, the resident dog here, meeting up with some of the other guests for a chat at the top where they told them all about our family and our adventures and charmed them sufficiently to be brought cakes :). They spent the afternoon building a den down by the river. Proper education 🙂 Socialising, adventuring, exercising, problem solving, co-operation and teamwork, entertaining and amusing themselves, striking out independantly and generally having a ball. This evening we went swimming.

We’ve just learnt we have been offered an interview for the croft on Rum, so our What Happens Next plans are ticking along nicely. Plenty more to plot and plan for that and even more exciting times ahead but for now the sun is shining and it’s fabulous to be outside working in it again :).

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