Winkled Out

We’ve done our last winkling for the year I think. There is about half a tide tomorrow but we’ll be busy at the Rum Christmas party, exchanging secret santa gifts, drinking mulled wine and maybe even singing a festive tune or two.

It’s been a productive week of picking, we have lots of sacks ready to be sent off to the mainland next week. We had one tough day but otherwise it has been a nice way to spend the week, lots of fresh air, exercise and enjoying the views.

The cold snap has ended and the ground is soft and muddy once again. It was a very welcome reprieve and as I said before we’d happily take cold and frosty over warm and wet. While it lasted we truly resided in a winter wonderland!

in the bleak midwinter

I took this shot of the view from the sofa one morning

while Ady had taken a shot from the kitchen. It makes washing up less of a chore if this is your view

swamped by nature

home sweet home

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