We’ve been so good here on Rum…

That Santa has already been here twice this year, with another visit scheduled for Monday night!

Today was the Rum Childrens’ Christmas Party. All nine island children (4 tinies, 3 usually at school on the mainland and Dragon and Star in the middle). We had pass the parcel, musical statues, musical chairs, pin the nose on Rudolph and an hilarious blindfold game of drawing a snowman which many of the grown ups also joined in with.

We may only have 40 people living here and we have had a big exodus yesterday when it felt like about half the island headed off to spend Christmas with family elsewhere but just like everywhere else at this time of year there seems to be a party a day just now.

Tomorrow is vegetable order day, so the boat should be coming laden with carrots, tatties, parsnips and chestnuts for everyone’s Christmas dinners, no doubt a festive tipple will be shared down at the shop when we go to collect them. On Christmas Eve there is a tradition of mulled wine and mince pies together before everyone heads home to hang up their stockings. If you listen carefully you can hear sleigh bells ringing…

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