We showed them

This week Ady and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. 20 years of adventures, laughs, ups and downs, rollercoaster riding and muddling through life together. In lots of ways we are very different people to who we were 2 decades ago. Definitely older and greyer with a library full of stories to tell. I’m not sure that we can claim to be wiser or more grown up or less reckless and impulsive!

There were plenty of naysayers when we became a couple, people who said it would never last, we were incompatible and wouldn’t make each other happy. That we were destined not to make it together. That the age difference (10 years between us) was too great and our very different personalities would create clashes.

Our 20 years has seen us build a life together against backdrops in Sussex, Manchester, a campervan travelling the whole country and now in a field on an island. Our photo albums show us getting married in Las Vegas, proudly holding up our new born babies for the camera, standing on beaches, infront of theme parks, campsites, mountain tops, zoos. 20 years of birthdays, Christmasses, anniversaries, parties, holidays.

We are best friends, partners in crime, sharers of the same dream, shoulders to cry on, rock to rely on, co conspiritors, parents to the same two amazing children, mutual cheerleading team and each others biggest fan. If we don’t get to do it together then we don’t want to do it.

Star asked me “what sort of jubilee are you and Daddy” when we told her it was our 20th anniversary. I’m not sure but I know there is bunting and celebrating every single day!

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