Volunteering Events on Croft 3

We’ve been pondering on the best way to host volunteers this year here on Croft 3. Having been volunteers ourselves in the past we know what we found the the most fulfilling and worthwhile volunteering experiences – plenty of guidance, lots of people, to work with, interesting and varied tasks, the opportunity to learn new skills, a fun working environment, decent food, somewhere comfortable to sleep and relax, plenty to do when not working. We know that communication was the key to a good volunteer experience.

In 2014 we hosted our first volunteers here and last year we hosted a few more. Taking all that we have learned from that we have decided this year to mark off set blocks of time for volunteer events. This means we can focus on spending time working alongside our volunteers, arrange for a good sized group of people to be here together, plan the tasks and projects for maximum productivity, learning and progress and make sure that we all have a really good time!

The dates we have set aside are as follows:

Wednesday 1st – Friday 10th June
Monday 4th – Wednesday 13th July
Monday 1st – Wednesday 10th August
Wednesday 31st August – Friday 9th September

If you have been thinking about getting in touch for a visit or trying to plan an experience with a difference this year then why not get in touch for more information about spending some time with us here on Croft 3 this summer. Midges, fun and an experience you’ll never forget guaranteed!

2 thoughts on “Volunteering Events on Croft 3”

  1. Different folks, different strokes. What you preferred isn’t necessarily what your potential volunteers would prefer. Me[1], I’d not like getting lost in a large group.

    [1] Not that I’ve volunteered 🙂

    1. That’s really interesting San, thanks for making me think! Several of the volunteers we had here last year were hoping to be part of a bigger group, but actually I will seek some feedback and input from other potential volunteers on whether we need to consider more intimate smaller group events too.

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