This week inbetween house plot digging, watching Christmas films and getting ready / excited about Scarlett’s birthday this weekend we also chose and cut down our Christmas tree. It is outside the caravan waiting to come in on Sunday as we do our Christmas decorations on 7th December each year, the day after Scarlett’s birthday but as the weather can be so challenging here this time of year we decided to make the most of the dry, still, sunshine while it lasted.

Davies chopped down our tree, the whole thing. Felling a tree is one of those landmark moments I think, Davies was certainly very proud of himself.

Chopping down the tree
Chopping down the tree

christmas tree

We had been slightly torn between two trees when making our choice. The one we didn’t pick was a lot larger so when we had our monthly community meeting yesterday and conversation turned to a tree for the village hall we offered to supply that and today we went back out armed with the axe and cut down the larger one as it will be perfect for the hall.

This time Scarlett was the feller – and a very determined axe swinger she was too!



So that is now loaded on top of our car ready to deliver to the hall tomorrow.

Today we have been getting in the festive mood with plenty of Christmas music, mince pie baking, more mincemeat making, two birthday cake baking and more festive film watching.

Yesterday morning we woke to the first dusting of snow on the highest peaks, this morning there had been a much heavier fall overnight, the mainland mountains in the distance are now snow capped and it briefly snowed up here on the croft too!


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