Anyone who knows us, or has been reading here for any length of time will know we love celebrations. We love anniversaries, birthdays, marking times. We love traditions and occasions.

We are not a religious family although we are very close to nature and celebrate the turning of the seasons, the solstices and equinoxes. We tend to shy away from consumerist capitalist celebrations where possible and aim to give memories as gifts whenever we can.

We have Megan here with us just now so for the first time we thought we would celebrate Thanksgiving. Our newly created just today tradition was our take on some of the delicious food served in America for Thanksgiving and sharing what we are thankful for.

I have yet to search for an American recipe and be able to follow it precisely as there is always at least one ingredient not easily available here (hello corn syrup, pumpkin puree, tinned cheese!). Plus I am a cooking from scratch fanatic. At least three of us are very picky eaters too and I really wanted everyone to be up for at least trying everything on the table today.

Megan’s requested menu included roast turkey, trimmings (what we’d call stuffing), cranberries, mashed potato, sweet potato, green bean casserole, bread rolls, gravy and pumpkin or pecan pie.

So this afternoon I made bread rolls and pecan pie.

Then Davies, Scarlett and Megan took over the kitchen to make some sugar cookies which they spent an hour or so decorating

while I went back in to make cranberry sauce (with apple, orange and red wine), a green bean casserole (with a creamy sauce, topped with onions, cracker crumbs and cheese), two types of sweet potatoes (one mashed with spices and topped with pecans and marshmallows, one sliced and roasted with rosemary, onions, garlic and sea salt) and stuffing balls. Ady took care of the mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy.

And then we feasted!

It was all delicious. We just about had room for pecan pie afterwards.

We finished the meal with some indoor fireworks. Which are a lot of fun, perfectly, underwhelmingly brilliant!

And with everyone’s permission I’m sharing what we were all thankful for, as it seems the sort of thing which belongs here recorded on this blog.

Megan: I’m thankful that I can even be here right now, that’s probably the thing I most thankful for. I’m thankful to have all my family and friends and all of the good things I have. Anything that makes me laugh. For life improvement in general. And cats!

Davies: I’m thankful for Megan, for being here and all the money and effort she put into getting here and for putting up with me now she’s here. I’m thankful for Mummy for helping me with study and everything else you do which is helpful and that I am thankful for. I am thankful for Daddy for his positivity and infinite hospitality to Megan and anyone else who ever comes to visit. I’m thankful for Scarlett for her enthusiasm and positivity and everything that she does. For her encouragement and just the way Scarlett is in general.

Scarlett: I’m thankful that we are all healthy in the middle of a pandemic because I know a lot of people are not. I’m thankful for where we live and how we have not been as affected as other people. I know it can be really sucky to be stuck inside and I am thankful that we still have the ability and freedom to go outside on walks and that our lives have not changed that much. I am thankful for the food because it is all delicious.

Ady: I’m thankful that the sweet potatoes with marshmallows are not too awful. I’m thankful that our family is all here and we’re all together. It’s great that we have Megan here and our children are so happy to be in our house all together. I am thankful that we have a very comfortable and very fulfilling life which I am very grateful for.

Nic: I’m thankful that we’re all here together – Davies, Scarlett and Megan too. I’m thankful that no one I love has been too affected by illness with coronavirus despite it being a very awful thing. I’m thankful that we have a groaning table full of food. I am thankful that we live somewhere where I get to be so close to nature because that means a lot to me. I am also thankful for gin.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

    1. We were all looking at it with very doubtful expressions, Megan included who confessed she doesn’t usually eat the marshmallow sweet potatoes at home in America either. But I decided we should at least try such an iconic Thanksgiving dish.
      We all took the tiniest bit, tried it, agreed it was actually really quite nice and had seconds. I only made a small dish of it but it did all get eaten. Probably won’t make it ever again but pleased to have tried it.

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