sun risen bread

Doesn’t that sounds nice 🙂 I bought fresh yeast from ebay last week, all a bit strange living on a remote island, baking my own bread, using the internet to buy it. It’s great though, the bread is loads better than with dried yeast. I bought it with the intention of trying to start a ginger beer plant but have been baking bread with it too with great results. Today it was so sunny that I left the dough to prove on the windowsill rather than next to the log burner AND we had all the doors and windows open airing the static AND we drank three cups of tea out on the sporran in the sunshine.

It’s been a gorgeous few days, the gorse is in flower, birds are singing and suddenly everything feels possible and new and shiny again. I know we could still be hit with wintry weather but the days are getting lighter for longer every day and even if winter returns again with a real vengance it will still only be days rather than weeks or months to go.

Bonnie is doing really well on her long lead when we’re not around and we’ve all been outside loads with her, Dragon particularly taking her on long walks and doing lots of training and tricks with her so she’s getting loads of stimulation and company so certainly no longer bored or lonely.

We’re getting chicken, duck and GOOSE eggs – we had goose egg pancakes for breakfast yesterday.

L-R (what would be sold as a large) chicken egg, duck egg and goose egg

We’re still discussing, debating and planning housebuild stuff so more on that to come but I’ve been reading this Building Green (Building Green: A Complete How-To Guide to Alternative)
 and finding it very inspiring.

It’s only a matter of weeks now until our first family and friends visitors of the year start arriving and we have two sets of friends up for dinner to the croft this week. Life is good.

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