‘Sow’ grateful

Two days of T shirt weather in a row mean everything feels possible! There is no denying (despite not dwelling on it) that we deal with some challenges to enjoy our life here. Sat at the foot of the croft hill currently is a big gas bottle waiting for either sufficient drying out of the mud to wheel it up on a sack truck or an energetic hour of rolling it uphill for Ady and I. We get through a gas bottle approximately once every 2 months so getting them up the hill is not a new challenge or one we have not faced before. It’s a good reminder on days like these to see it there and appreciate these glorious sunny days as our reward for the tough bits of our life here.

And thankful we have been. And busy! Ady has finally found a dry, still day (which are in fairly short supply) with nothing more pressing to do and managed to fix up the replacement wind turbine which has been waiting for months for such a day. We got it here before Christmas but it’s taken this long for the right conditions and nothing more important to be doing instead. A large part of our life here is taken up with the basic business of surviving.

I could wait no longer and having cleared all the ground in the polytunnel, tidied up and got everything prepared I finally got to spend time sowing seeds. I think I might enjoy that even more than harvesting the crops! I sowed until I ran out of room! I sowed herbs – basil, sage, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, dill, garlic chives, parsley, coriander, wild garlic. I sowed tomatoes, chilli peppers and sweet peppers, I sowed peas and beans, some flowers – borage and nasturium along with some sweet peas as they are Ady’s favourite. I sowed leeks, celeriac, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, chard, broccoli all into trays ready to bring on and either plant outside into raised beds when the soil is warmer or to plant into bigger pots and containers to stay in the polytunnel. Direct into the ground on one side I sowed a variety of lettuces and salad leaves. I sowed cucumbers, courgettes, pumpkin and celery.

seed packets


peas and beans

I have some old emergency lighting casings which I am planning on using as mini propgators for the next round of sowing and have various roots (parnips, swede, carrots) which I will sow direct along with some asparagus crowns which need to go in.

We turned the water supply on to the hose which leads down there (it’s been off all winter) and I did some clearing up of the crate which holds my supplies of netting, containers and other bits and pieces.

Meanwhile on the croft the chickens have finally started laying again, we even found the first duck eggs of the year today. Which means eggs are back on the menu again – quiche for dinner tonight!


Short sleeves and cups of tea outside in the sunshine


And Mr and Mrs Turkey are also feeling the spring along with all the other birds on the croft showing signs of mating and getting ready to raise young.


It’s days like this which remind us why we don’t want to be sitting in traffic on our way to and from the office, cooped up in an office, a shop or a meeting like we might have been a few years ago on a sunny Tuesday in March. Days like this which make those testing times worthwhile.

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