Shortest Days

With just days to go before the shortest day we are already noting the later sunsets. Thanks to a commenter either last year or maybe even the year before who pointed me in the right direction of that information which means we are not scratching our heads at that happening!

So far the weather is mostly continuing to be kind, or perhaps we are just more used to it. We took delivery of our 8 apples trees ordered earlier this year and delivered once they were dormant and spent time today putting them in the ground. We have plans to gather seaweed from the beach to put around all the fruit trees and bushes which is a tip from the crofters of the past here on Rum to improve the ground and add nutrients.

The salamis are doing well in the polytunnel and all have a coating of white mold on them which looks a little alarming but I am assured is a vital part of the whole curing process so is a good thing. All other croft 3 creatures are doing well although with food scarce for free rangers they are hungry and eating lots at feeding times. We’ll be killing the largest male turkey at the weekend ready for our Christmas dinner and having made my first kill with the piglet I am planning to do this one which will be my first bird.

We have plans to celebrate the solstice with some yule themed activities on Sunday, more on that after the event.

We had a friend to stay this weekend for an early Christmas which was lovely and full of fizz, fun and festivities. Rum folk are thinning out in numbers massively with lots of the people heading off for the holiday already gone and the final exodus this coming weekend. We will be thin on the ground over Christmas I think, but with bolstered numbers over Hogmanay.

In other news I have been doing various pieces of writing work and the first came out in print this week with my complimentary copy arriving on the ferry today. A long held ambition finally coming to fruition.

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