Yes I know, I celebrate way too many ‘versaries’ – moving to Rum, being told yes we had the croft, heading off WWOOFing in the first place… what can I say, we like celebrating!

I realised earlier that it was about three years since we first came to Rum between ferries to view the croft and meet a couple of the people here so I checked. 10th November was the first time we stepped foot on Rum, walked the north side nature trail which took in three sides of our croft and then got back on the ferry and started the two day drive back down to Sussex.

back in Sussex – everything we owned aside from the contents of Willow. We don’t even have all that now!

Celebrating being back in Sussex. This bottle of fizz traveled all around with us and we opened it when we returned home to my parents – 3 years ago today!

walking the croft boundary – 3 years ago.

As rollercoaster rides go it has been a long one so far. And it’s not over yet!

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