Roll up, roll up…

At the same time as my thoughts are turning towards Christmas gifts – so far I think we’re looking at personalised gifts like photo calendars, home made with love and maybe some interesting experiences, adventures, learning opportunities for next year as presents – it seems others are doing the same. I’ve sold a couple of my freeform crochet bags as Christmas gifts, some jam, particularly the more festive varieties such as bramble and mulled spice and I have a commission for ten crochet midges – which are almost finished
midge pyramid


It got me to thinking, as I work out what home made delights I’ll be gifting for the three secret santa gifts I need to get cracking on making about festive versions of some of the crafts we already sell… should I stick some holly leaves onto some midges, make a red and green freeform crochet bag complete with jingle bells?

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