Really only seven days?

It’s been one of those weeks where I can’t believe it’s only been seven days since it was last Sunday evening!

Davies, Scarlett and I had a mainland trip – less than 48 hours off but it always feels like days and days. We did pack a lot in; chats with fellow Small Islanders on the boat and a lift along the road for a friend from Eigg so plenty of inter island gossiping, a trip to the dentist for Scarlett, a fast food fix for dinner, bath and junk TV, charity shop trawling, supermarket shopping, collecting a new tent we’d ordered and paid for online, a spur of the moment trip to a little museum we’ve driven past probably a hundred times in the last five years, an overnight stay with friends, bringing friends home to Rum for a few nights stay, boat trip, post office shifts, Rum friends visiting the croft, our first bell tent customer, firewood processing, tending birds, fruit cage grass cutting, bird releasing and ringing, pen building for Ady, cloche making, harvesting and planting for me. Yeah, busy.



treasures of the earth

new tent


strawberry cloche

This evening we are enjoying the brief return to ‘normal’ before tomorrow brings a whole new load of busy for the week ahead – volunteers, more post office shifts, a visit to an neighbouring Isle for the annual Small Isles games and very likely a whole load of other stuff we haven’t even thought to anticipate yet!

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