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I’ve thought for a while that it’s slightly pointless these days protecting Dragon and Star’s real names. Back when we were traveling it felt important not to have their real names splashed about on the internet for someone to google them in 20 years and find stuff I’d written about them as children.

The trouble is when you move somewhere like Rum where there are only 40 people and are the subject of various stories in the press not to mention seasonal tourist scrutiny it doesn’t matter whether we use pseudonyms or their real names, if you google them you’ll find links to us mentioned on the Isle of Rum website, in newspaper articles and more.

The names Dragon and Star were chosen by the children as blog names when we began this blog account of our planned travels way back in 2010. Three years on they have chosen to start using their real names, not least because they are hoping to build their own brands of artwork and jewelery making along with a youtube series of ‘life as crofting kids’.

For that reason I today introduce you to Dragon as Davies and Star as Scarlett – their real names. They are not looking for X factor or Britain’s Got Talent fame and they certainly are not intending to be celebs but Davies has asked that I share his first youtube video which I am more than happy to do given how fab I think it is and I anticipate more from both of them as they continue to find their feet with starting their own businesses and life choices in the coming years.

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  1. Fabulous first utube video. Looking forward to watching many more. The animals look like they’re all very happy on your little homestead. Would love to see your art work on one of your upcoming videos.

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