Postcode Lottery

Since we have lived on Rum we have had very little in the way of ferry disruption. We have heard tales of folk stranded here, or worst still stranded on the mainland instead of here, of no boats running for a week at a time but as yet it has not happened to us. We arrived on the Small Isles back in October 2011 in the middle of some ferry disruption and were affected by more when we left Rum from our interview which was a first taste of the weather, the Small Isles, Island life and ferry chaos. This time last year there were plenty of cancelled ferries, delays and stranded folk but so far this winter we have gotten off very lightly.

As such we have not really accounted for potential problems and have gaily carried on booking things to and fro on scheduled ferry crossings. We have winkle money arriving tomorrow along with festive food shopping. We have empty petrol cans being sent off to be returned full on Christmas Eve so our generator keeps running. On Saturday we’re sending off venison and expecting the return of diesel to keep our car running. We still have a couple of gifts to arrive too and have placed orders with Jinty’s Emporium for coal, pate and festive cheeses which are all dependent on the weather allowing the boat to run. It was disrupted today to Muck and Eigg, we have heard it will be disrupted tomorrow to Rum and Canna. Call us innocent newcommers but we still find all this quite exciting. And if it means we’ll not be able to drive the car and have to spread marmite on our crackers instead of stilton I suspect we will still be quite taken with the lottery that living here on and island seems to be.

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