Plus One

Yesterday afternoon I was at a friends crocheting and drinking tea when she stopped mid-sentence and said ‘Helicopter!’

Within seconds we could see the ‘copter coming through the mist and rain over the sea. Within minutes I’d had a text from Ady asking if I was okay and if I knew why the helicopter was in. Here on Rum when you hear the helicopter coming in low your first thought is for the members of your family you can’t see infront of you right now. Then a mental checklist starts of the rest of the islanders. You replay the sounds you have heard and what you know people are up to today – is anyone chainsawing? Working up on a ladder? What tourists and visitors are here and what are they up to? Our walking on the hills? What is the weather like?

It landed (as it does, infront of the castle) and we then gauged by the gap between it landing and it taking off and flying away whether it was a big emergency or a small one. A bigger gap probably means the person requires stabilising or on the spot medical attention before moving, a quick turnabout can mean it’s an ambulance ride Rum style to proper facilities. Yesterday was a long gap.

We decided the most likely cause for the helicopter was happy news – our neighbours on Croft 2 were just 10 days away from leaving the island to have their first baby. Sure enough the grapevine got the news to us that that was indeed the reason – baby on the way! The next thing on the sea horizon was a small charter boat coming to collect husband and expectant father – the helicopter is tiny and only had room for a pilot, one and a half patients and the midwife so he was following on by way of a specially called in boat and a borrowed car the other end. What a fantastically exciting start to a life and story for Rum’s newest resident to tell in years to come about the day she was born.

Yep, a little girl. Born on the second birthday of our previous youngest Rum resident so we’ll be gearing up for proper birthday celebrations this time next year. And yes, he did get there in time to be there for the birth.

Fantastic news which has had everyone on Rum smiling and a bit gooey today.

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