Off island, on Ireland birthday

It’s a week ago now but last Saturday, a few days after we arrived here in Mayo was my birthday. I am 44.

I had an absolutely lovely day. I started it with a bubble bath, while drinking a huge mug of tea and listening to the radio. My favourite radio presenter is Graham Norton and despite having tried a few times before to get a mention on his show I’ve never managed it before. This year though I did! And not just a mention but a birthday greeting and a general chat from Graham about how to celebrate my birthday and a ‘good for you’ comment about our Irish adventure. Made my day!

We had a full Irish breakfast cooked on the range / clay oven which we are getting to grips with mastering. Sausages, bacon, eggs and bread all locally sourced from County Mayo.

Then we headed off for a walk. There is a peat bog at the bottom of the farm and we’d been told a good circular walk heading that way so off we set. Bonnie was delighted to be walking off the lead with all of us, the sun shone, the air was filled with the smell of peat fires and it was just lovely.

We saw donkeys, horses and sheep along the way which delighted Scarlett who adores donkeys.

Later we had Irish steak for dinner followed by some fancy desserts which we stuck matches in as the birthday candles are in a bag I left behind in Sussex (fool!) and has not made it here to us yet.

I’ve had some amazing birthdays over the years. This one was another happy memory to add to the list of lovely ways to celebrate another journey around the sun. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday – family, friends and of course Graham Norton!

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