Autumn on Rum is stunningly beautiful. The first fall of snow will hit the high peaks, sunrises and sunsets are spectacular, star gazing and northern light spotting on clear nights happens at a far more sociable hour than earlier in the year thanks to the clocks going back, the leaves are turning and falling, dew and raindrops hang on the spiders webs and prickly gorse bushes turned into diamonds by the low sun hanging in the sky. Mists roll across the glens, the herd of red deer reform from their fighting stags and harems of hinds back into hinds and yearling calves and bachelor groups of stags hanging out together once again, arch enemies no more.

We’ve had a busy week – friends visiting, various social events down in the village, earlier than usual evenings on the nights we’ve been at home on the Croft with the animals fed ever earlier each day as the light fades. We’ve carved pumpkins and made soup and cakes with the flesh, enjoyed home cooking once more after weeks away from our own kitchen, Ady’s been busy on the croft making a sheep pen and shelter ready to move the sheep up the croft hill onto drier ground in the next few weeks. This coming week we are moving the pigs again onto fresh ground. We’ve released the last of the penned young birds of the year – five chicks and the musgovy ducks are all now roaming free range with the rest of the birds. I have been making a start on a commission for ten crochet midges, finished off a freeform crochet glasses case and sent off a bag in the post.

We also made our Christmas cake, started three separate Secret Santa exchanges with various circles of friends and downloaded playlists of festive tunes in preparation for the start of feeling Christmassy by the end of the month.

It’s definitely time for the winter duvet…

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