Not Back to School

Home Educating is what we have always done with Davies and Scarlett. Back in our old mainland lives we would be reminded perhaps once or twice a week that we were doing something different – maybe the checkout operator at the supermarket would comment ‘no school today?’ as we passed through the till, or we would find ourselves driving past a school at drop off or pick up o’clock. Because both children attended swimming lessons, Scouts or Guides or Badgers, gymnastics and RSPB groups we worked to the rhythm of term times to an extent. We certainly breathed a sigh of relief once the school holidays were over and the beaches, parks and museums quietened down and became our private playgrounds once more.

As unschoolers or autonomous Home Educators we have never followed a curriculum or timetable, or recreated ‘School at Home’. For us learning never stops happening through life, regardless of the hour, day or month on the clock or calendar. There is no such thing as term time.

Here on Rum though we have lost that connection to the passing of the school year to an extent. We march now to a different beat and as most of the people we come into contact with regularly know us already. Scottish schools keep slightly different term times to English ones anyway so while for me the concept of Back to School has always been a September one here schools went back a couple of weeks ago. It came as something of a surprise this time last year to realise that Scarlett would have been starting secondary education should we have walked a different path and I was reminded of the blog post I wrote about that by a friend this week.

It’s been strange this week to see the rash of Back to School and Not Back to School posts on my facebook feed, to note the changing page on the calendar and the changing feel of the season without the change in our routine. I noted that it was dark by 9pm tonight, we have started picking brambles, there are specific to us changes but none are to do with education or learning.

I have avoided using this blog as a place to talk about education because I don’t really believe it is separate from life generally but aware that we have a slightly new readership and aware that we are representing a particular educational philosophy I have a few posts forming themselves in my mind on the subject so I may well commit them to the (web) page and post them up over the next few weeks.

For now though, we remain happy to not be going back to school this week, even if in our current life we don’t tend to mark the event as we used to back in Sussex.

Gratuitous Youtube link to us back in 2009

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