Moving Month

We’ve been on the roam the last week. We collected our new car – a 4×4 Pajero. An interesting experience all round looking at the wikipedia entry for Pajeros and learning that in Spanish it means something quite different. Expanded all of our vocabulary that little google!!!

This is me on my first drive of it – turning into our road in Sussex. A very different backdrop to where it will soon be driven around.

We’ve left Sussex behind for the week to do a round trip taking in stays with two sets of friends. A farewell to Glastonbury for the first half of the week. Great excitement there as there were puppies!

And friends. Lots of lovely friends 🙂 Three nights there was not long but we made every moment count!

Then on to Hertfordshire to spend Easter with more friends. Next week (our last in Sussex) we have plans to hook up with yet more friends before leaving for Scotland on 17th April. A long drive north taking in – you guessed it! – more time with friends before catching the 1240pm ferry on 20th April to Rum.

We’re on the mailing list for community emails now, we’ve had a copy of the IRCT (Isle of Rum Community Trust) business plan, an advert for a job vacancy. I know we’re not there just yet and we still have faces to put to some of the names but it’s starting to feel like Rum is home.

We’re looking forward to going home.

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