Mothering Sunday

It’s Mothers Day in the UK. My 15th Mothers Day as a mother and based on the fantastic mix of gifts and card I was given by Davies and Scarlett I seem to be doing ok. I have been blessed with amazing children who love, appreciate and celebrate with me. I had a fine selection of fizz, chocolates and flowers along with a book (the latest River Cottage book on Pigs and Pork – very appropriate), a hand made bracelet and painted penguin from Scarlett and cards from them both. The two cards were as individual and personal as the child who gave them to me. Scarlett’s was glittery, shining, filled with love and light and enthusiasm. She had spent her own money on a gift for me, spent the whole week planning gifts and bounced into our bedroom this morning to shower me with love and kisses and brought me cups of tea all day today. Davies’ card was more measured, thoughtful and conveyed his deep and considered feelings with a hefty dose of Davies humour and poetry. Davies is all about words, Scarlett is all about actions. I love their differences. They had me crying this morning before breakfast!

mothers day

But Mothers Day is not just about me. I am fortunate to have my own mum, an inspirational woman and loving mother, to have several other women in my life who are maternal in their love and support of me or are role models to me in my own parenting so I have been in touch with all of them today.

Here on Croft 3 though we have spent our focus and attention on our very special mother to be – Barbara Pig who is about to eclipse me in my motherhood and go for the hat trick of motherhood mark three. She is expecting her third litter of piglets any time in the next two weeks and so today was the big day in the Big Pig Move of 2015. The sun shone, we saw the first bee of the year and everything went smoothly and calmly as we erected the new pig area, dismantled the old one and moved Tom and Barbara to their new corner of the croft. They seem pretty happy.



big pig move

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