More down than up

Down as in the village rather than up as in on the croft. It hasn’t been more really but this has been a village heavy week for us. I’ve been covering Post Office three mornings, Ady’s had a couple of shifts of hostel cleaning and two Saturday nights in a row we’ve been out for the evening at friends’ houses down in the village plus the first Rum Cinema of the year and a regular Crafternoon tea, chats and crochet.

A real mix of weather with a few sunny days, a few hard frosty nights and then two solid days of rain reminding us that it doesn’t do to get complacent about leaving coats airing on the washing line…

Ady has finished the new pig pen and I’ve dug over and cleared the whole ground of the polytunnel and emptied out the old spent compost so a nice blank slate to start this years sowing awaits me.

I’m provisionally booked onto a beekeeping course in May and we’ve started making plans towards getting our first sheep this year. We have several folk booked on to all our volunteer events already and we are mere days away from our first visitors of the year. Bring on the spring!

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