Merry Christmas Everyone

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the static
Dragon and Star were all excited and manic
we don’t have a chimney just a log burner flue
so stockings are dangling from door handles x 2

The children are fired up on chocolate and sweets
they’ll not sleep for hours thanks to festive treats
Ady and I still  have wrapping to do
it’s less like Santa’s workshop and more like a zoo

Santa is coming, through the night sky
hoping the red deer or Rum ponies can fly
turning left at Kinloch castle and straight up the glen
to where the Rum crofters are, tucked up in our den

We’re not wanting playstations or plasmas TVs
not much point really, we’ve no electricity
no fancy new clothing or things made of plastic
although some new wellies would be just fantastic

Santa creeps in, puts gifts under the tree
something for Dragon, Star, Ady and me
It’s been raining all night, his red clothes are all sodden
he creeps out the door and sneaks across the sporran

Gets back in his sleigh, gives his reindeer the cue
time to get going, there’s lots more work to do
but it’s a false start, there’s a crash, then a thud
the sleigh and the reindeer are stuck in the mud

But it’s Christmas Eve magic is all around
snow started falling and covered the ground
the frost hardened the earth and with one mighty tug
the reindeer pulled the sleigh free from the mud

away into the sky Santa flew once again
this time amid snowflakes instead of the rain
over the cuillins, a most magical sight
calling ‘to all a Merry Christmas and to all a good night’

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