Masterplan – Update

While we have the usual crops, livestock and craft / produce stuff going on there is something bigger rumbling on in the background for us this year and that is The Masterplan.

We have been so pleased to have so many people be so supportive of our long term plans and visitors have been pledging cash, offering support and ideas and above all sharing what we are offering as rewards for making donations to the Masterplan Fund. We have had loads of people mentioning us on facebook and twitter and excitingly have got various people already booked in to help us with building and getting things ready here.

Even more excitingly we are already over a third of the way towards raising the funds we need to get cracking with the next stage. There is still a long way to go and not a very long time in which to get there so please do consider donating for one of our rewards if they look interesting to you, or sharing the details with people you know who may be interested.

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