March away from Februrary

Another month gone.

This week I started work at Rum Primary School, not my natural environment by any means – there are things about just being in the building that make me itch – extrinsic rewards, curriculums, policies on behaviour management… I was asked whether I’d like to be known to the children as Mrs Goddard! But perks outweigh these issues and for now it is the right place for me to be for a few hours four mornings a week.

The daily commute is hardly a grind…

a two mile walk that takes me half an hour and sees me saying good morning to fellow islanders and wildlife like these greylag geese

as I walk along the shores of Loch Scresort

Leaving Ady, Dragon and Star to their own devices for the morning while I head for my own little office space

it’s rather odd to be sitting at a desk again, I’ve taken a pair of grown up shoes down to wear while I’m there – I leave my wellies at the door! There is a kettle, a photocopier machine that probably has a bigger IQ than I do and a landline phone – such technology, it made me jump when it rang this morning, it’s been a long time since a phone rang anywhere near me!

Meanwhile it’s been cold but stunning – mornings are breathtakingly beautiful with ice on the river (and the inside of the windows in the static!)

look at the icicles on that riverbank

beautiful light, ice inside the windows

this is the way the geese walk about on a cold and frosty morning

frost on the river

And that was February.

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