Mainland Trip, installment 2, hopefully of 3

It should really be the second half and indeed for Ady it is, but Davies, Scarlett and I are still in MainlandLand as the ferry we were hoping to get home this morning is cancelled due to poor weather. We did anticipate this and it is why Ady headed home yesterday to let our wonderful croft sitter get off to make all her booked travel arrangements. Scarlett had the second part of her dental work yesterday though so her and I needed to stay and Davies chose to take the risk of extra nights here instead of losing his last day / night. I’ll catch up on all that has been happening at home on the croft once we’re all actually back there.

Our Edinburgh leg of the trip was brief but packed full. We spent a lot of time trawling charity shops which are our most favourite places to purchase anything – helping a charity and re-using rather than buying new ticks all our boxes. I found a new pair of shoes and a big weekender bag, Davies got several books and audio books, Scarlett added to her collection of soft toys. We also did the high street – Scarlett and I got sparkly and sneezey in Lush, Davies and Ady looked at games and dvds in HMV, we got our fast food and TV fix. For our Grand Day Out (last year it was the zoo) we went to Camera Obscura. We had a great few hours there, really enjoying the mix of high tech illusions and more simple optical illusion art and mirrors. I think we all enjoyed the vortex tunnel the most.





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From Edinburgh we had a fleeting overnight visit to friends in North Berwick. We met another person on the train who had seen the TV show – so odd to be recognised! It was a brief trip but we managed to pack in a walk along the beach, catching the most amazing light at sunset






We enjoyed a riotous evening with lovely food and fabulous company before heading off again the next morning, this time all the way back up to Fort William. A long train journey but a very picturesque and pretty one with the contrast of the landscape changing from coastal town to cities to the highlands as we went.

s on train

We met up with Rum friends who were also in FW for a night for a couple of drinks in the evening.

On Sunday we caught the bus to the Nevis Range and took Ady up on the cable cars which Davies, Scarlett and I had so enjoyed back last year. This time the view was even more spectacular and there was snow! So much snow and so, so many people. There was a really long queue to get tickets and when we reached the top it was packed with people sledging, skiing and snow boarding. We walked around in the snow for a while mostly trying to avoid falling over or getting in the way of skiers. Some of us are more surefooted than others (I am very much at one end of that spectrum!). We had a hot chocolate which Ady and I enjoyed laced with brandy.

cable car

nevis hot choc


In the evening the kids elected to stay in the room with TV and wifi and sent Ady and I out for dinner alone. It happened to be Valentines Day which is not something we generally celebrate but it was quite a novelty to be out dining alone for the first time in years.

On Monday Ady headed back to Rum, leaving us for more mundane appointments such as a brace fitting for Scarlett and an eye test for me. This morning we were up early checking weather and Calmac status updates and packing up. Thankfully the cancellation of the ferry text came through while we were walking to the train station rather than already on the train. So an unexpected extra 2 days on the mainland for the three of us.

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    1. Fab isn’t it?! Davies tried being really logical and fixing his attention at the end of the tunnel to try and prevent the illusion. We thought it had worked but right at the end he wobbled over. The man outside (we went through countless times!) told us to try walking backwards or with our arms crossed as that makes the experience even more trippy. Great fun 🙂

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