Landmark Moments

Today has mostly felt like pushing wheelbarrows about. We are down to one vehicle and so can only get as far as the fork in the road, meaning a further half a mile along a very rough track and up a very muddy hill before we reach the croft. Animal feed, compost (we buy in a small amount each year from our animal feed supplier to start off seedlings), veg box all arrived today, along with a couple of bales of straw for pig bedding and bird house bedding (we cut and dry rushes during the summer for that but last years has long since run out for want of a dry space to store over winter). So that was four trips each for Ady and I with loaded up wheelbarrows, sacks on shoulders across the unwheelbarrowable terrain and maybe the odd mumble under our breath here and there.

It was also about discovering that both Davies and Scarlett are taller than me now.

tall surely a landmark moment for any parent.

We had our very first customer in the Shed, purchasing a jar of bramble and cinnamon jam and having a chat with me as I happened to be mid wheelbarrow load sitting on the bench at the croft gate catching my breath and enjoying the view.

We found the first chicken eggs of the season, a round half dozen nestled in a forgotten small coop which was in the fruit cage and is now back close to the caravan again.

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