It’s good to talk

If you know me in real life you’ll know I talk a lot. Even if you don’t know me in real life you could probably have gleaned that information from this blog. Living on a remote island with only 30 odd other people can leave not a lot of space for talking. Sure, we talk all the time to each other but Rum topics of conversation can be a little limited to the Rum bubble sometimes.

This last week I have had many, lovely, enriching, joyous opportunities to talk. To all sorts of different people. Some I knew already, some I’d never met before. I’ve talked loads and loads and loads. About why we moved here, what we did before, why we choose the lifestyle we do, why we home educate, how we home educate, about education generally. I’ve talked about life before children, life as a new parent, various places we’ve lived before, our early days here on Rum.

A couple of opportunities to talk a bit more have presented themselves this week. None of them are ready for sharing just yet but they have had our little family unit doing lots of talking and have reminded me anew of the great pleasure in conversation, sharing ideas, discussing and debating and ruminating.

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