Hear you roar, watch you blow

This last week has seen both the end of the weekly Sheerwater boat trips for the summer and the first stags roaring. The end of the summer and the start of the autumn as defined by nature, all beautifully tied in with the autumn equinox.

After a very quiet season of boat trips this summer we were treated to several pods of porpoises and then a very close encounter with a minke whale.



That same evening as I got into bed I heard the first roaring stag of the season, an eerie bellow echoing across the croft.

Whales have swum in these waters long before there were boats filled with curious people hoping to catch a glimpse, stags have roared in this part of the world many years before our caravan was dragged up this muddy hill.

We have made choices in our current life, sacrifices and compromises, we face challenges and questions and there are inevitably times when the trade off feels too great. But moments like these where we are existing alongside the forces of nature, not controlling or even really impacting on it, merely observing while the world turns, the seasons change and the real residents of the lands and seas here allow us to witness and glimpse into their world give us such joy.

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  1. Nic, we finally got around to watching the show you did with Ben Fogle. So lovely to see Croft 3, the four of you, the animals and the landscape in HD. Sending you lots of good thoughts tonight from down here in East Sussex. 🙂

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