Getting a yes-iversary

I love anniversaries. You may have noticed this before 🙂

Yesterday we celebrated a year since we had our croft interview and were told yes, we had been successful in our application. 16th February 2012. It marked the end of a year of travels, adventures and searching for the answer to the question ‘what happens next?’.

We were exhausted after months of uncertainty, time spent staying with friends scattered all over the country and the trip from one end of the UK to the other to actually come up and do the interview. When Vikki and Sean caught up with us after their deliberation period to say ‘yes, we think it will be a challenge but we think you’re up to it, the croft is yours.’ we headed down to the beach and sat down on a bench to look out over the sea back at the mainland, get enough phone signal to send texts to family and friends and let them know the news and to just sit and catch our breath.

February 16th 2012, just told ‘yes’

 We decided it would be fitting for the four of us to go to the same bench, take a drink and toast our yes-iversary so at 5pm, about the same time as we sat there this time last year we raised a can / bottle to each other and took another picture a year on.

February 16th 2013

Same coats, everyone a year older, new dog. Same weather, no more certainty about what the future holds  in many ways but a definite feeling that we are home. This time it’s not just a bench, it’s the bench outside our friends’ house on our island.

2 thoughts on “Getting a yes-iversary”

  1. Your poor hen certainly lived a much better life than most chickens — I’m a meat eater too, and it bothers me that most of us are so disconnected from the fact that an animal has to die. I hope that if I faced the same test that you did, in relation to all of this, that I would have treated the animal with the same degree of respect.

    I love the story implicit in your two different pictures — in the first, you’re all scattered about after your year of travelling, and in the second, you’re a cohesive group, leaning in towards each other, together in your new home.

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