From Small Beginnings…

I have shared pics of the shed progress as we have gone along but today on the 1st of March we unveiled the signs leading folk to the shop so I guess it can be declared officially open for business. I found a local celebrity to do the honours!

local celeb

sign unveiling

We have signs leading people from the village up to the croft and when they arrive they will find ‘Croft 3 In The Shed’. I still have a few twirls and whirls to add, the cold weather prevented me from finishing that off last year, but I’ll get to it in the next few weeks.



Inside it is filled with crochet bunting and solar fairy lights, repurposed driftwood, slates, wood and branches cut from the woodland nearby, picnic baskets and quirky old display ideas we have gathered. I suspect this will also continue to be a work in progress as we have brainwaves or find more stuff to get creative with. I guess the shed itself and the fixtures and fittings are as much a reflection of what we’re about as the items we’re selling.

Scarves are displayed on two branches creating rails, midges in resin hung on a branch, candles inside a picnic basket, pot pourri in a basket I made years ago on a basket weaving course, Davies’ Designs and Ady’s photography have been captured in postcards (we endlessly brainstormed for display ideas for these but succumbed to traditional bought in stands for now), jams are on a shelf unit.






midges in resin

There is plenty of space for more items as we come up with them – I have plans for basket making but events overtook me this winter despite getting out and cutting down the hedgerow material to make the baskets. Scarlett has a plan for croft 3 clay creatures, Ady and Davies have plans for further lines using their art and photography. There will be more produce for sale as it is harvested including free range eggs and we have a whole range of midge inspired items planned.

This shop is a bit of a landmark for us, the realisation and fruition of our business plan and dreams when we first arrived here. The embodiment of the way we have raised Davies and Scarlett (nurturing their talents, creativity and ideas, facilitating their entrepreneurial spirits and helping them create opportunities, learning about business skills, marketing, advertising, profits and margins) and the creative outlet for all four of us. This is just what we came here to do, to find ways to follow our passions and put out there what we are about. It showcases each of us as individuals with different skills and styles but also demonstrates our cohesion as a unit and how the sum of the four of us is greater than our individual parts.

To the shed – may it continue to bring us joy and hopefully bring us a bit of cash this year too!

One thought on “From Small Beginnings…”

  1. Well done! It looks lovely all you need now is the visitors :-). You could do with one of those “finger pointing this way” signs as portrayed in the old Ealing studio films and most especially ” school for scoundrels” starting Alistair Sim, Ian Carmichael and Terry Thomas :-). Definitely worth a watch if you like the old films!!

    Roll on Spring

    San x

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