Eternal Optimist

It’s bitterly cold here, while the rest of the UK is getting battered with gales and floods we are having a surprisingly dry and still stretch of weather, which is actually very lovely, despite plummeting temperatures.

We’ve lost a couple of the younger chickens, they just can’t seem to take the cold poor things. It’s been pretty extreme though.

Meanwhile inside the caravan it’s quite full on for us, the gas stopped working last night, we assumed a frozen valve or pipes on the supply as the gas itself won’t freeze. It meant no hob or hot water though which was a bit rubbish at hot water bottle o’clock. Ady managed to boil a kettle on the logburner this morning for tea and coffee but our kettle is not really suitable for the intense heat of the woodburner so it won’t be something we make a habit of. We always ensure we have a kettle and a few pans filled with water incase the water pipe freezes (although walking across to the river to get some is not such a big deal and now we have bought in the little one burner camping stove so we’ll be OK if it happens again.

Despite all of this when we woke this morning to a winter wonderland outside even the lack of a really hot cup of tea didn’t dim the beauty of Rum all dressed up in a winter coat.








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