Coming out of lockdown

Along with most of the country / world we have begun to tentatively come out of lockdown. Adhering to the ever changing guidelines, and sometimes even deciphering them has proven quite tricky at times so like everyone else we have been using common sense and our own risk assessments to decide how and what is safe for us and those around us. This is also balanced with understanding that we don’t (collective we rather than personal we) know enough about the virus to make fully informed decisions every time but that there are some choices which feel the lesser of two evils as well.

Our very first meeting up with people was with some local friends on a beach part way between our two homes. It was all four of us and all four of their family but just two households. We drew a literal line in the sand of the beach to maintain social distancing and all bought our own picnics and beach day supplies and had a wonderful time swimming, chatting and just catching up. We finished the day with a game of pebble bowling.

That was the cue for managing to start small groups of our regular Sunday swimmers meeting up again. Also maintaining big distances between us as we swam – the benefit of swimming in enormous lochs is there are no lanes! It was weird not to hug, to offer a shoulder to balance on while getting changed again, or to accept a swig of each other’s hot drinks post-swim, or to share a car when we decided there were too many jellyfish in our usual sea loch and decamp to a slightly further away freshwater loch for the peak of the hot weather / jellyfish season. But we adjusted and it was just lovely to be back in the water properly and sharing it with friends again.

We did have a slightly surreal breaking of lockdown with our first visitors to our house (all within guidelines, maintaining distancing and wearing masks) but one we are as yet not able to talk about. All will become clear there in due course but it was a lovely catch up with some old friends.

We had been poised on both sides of the Atlantic to get Megan here to us as soon as we could having had her and Davies’ summer plans involving some time for them both in the US, some time for them both in the UK and a large amount of travelling around together utterly scuppered. We decided that the best way of them having any time together was for Megan to come here for a long stay. That allowed for a 14 day quarantine post travel for Megan leading to her being part of our household. The travel for Megan was not without drama, not in any way of Megan’s making and a disappointment in our authority figures and people who’s job it is to keep us all safe rather than intimidate and bully not quite being their best selves, but on an afternoon in July Davies and I finally scooped her up from Inverness airport and bought her home. As with both her previous trips it is just lovely to have her here with us, part of our family and here for a good long stay including several seasons and lots of celebrations.

We had a ‘late’ 21st birthday celebration for her once she had settled in with all her favourite foods and over a month it it feels like she has been here forever.

One of the most sadly cancelled events during lockdown had been a trip to Northern Ireland at Easter. We usually manage to see our friends there 3 or 4 times each year. We had been with them in London in February but had housesitters lined up to come and stay at our house giving them a small holiday while we all went to Northern Ireland. Everyone’s plans were being cancelled at that time but we kept a close eye on how we might be able to make that trip happen again as soon as it was safe to do so. In the end we were not able to safely arrange house sitters and Ady was not able to take the time off work so Megan took his deferred ferry ticket and I took Davies, Scarlett and Megan for a week in August.

Outside of the actual travelling (in our own car, then on a ferry either outside or at great distance from other travellers wearing masks, then collected by our friends at the ferry port – it all felt very safe) we had not been in any risk filled situations and our friends work from home and had also not been in any high risk situations so it felt pretty sensible. Of course once there sensibility was not high on the agenda and a week of fun, laughter, singing, good food, plenty of drink and not nearly enough sleep was had.

As lockdown has eased further we have had two sets of houseguests ourselves. Regaining that human contact again with people sat close enough to touch and getting all of the joy of seeing real faces rather than zoom screen replications, hearing laughter without the time lapse and actually being able to talk all at once was just wonderful.

Our holiday cottage cleaning has started back up. With increased workload and new cleaning protocols, including PPE. It’s been good to dance with Henry again! It’s been perhaps less of a delight to be wearing masks while doing so.

There are more updates on new things we have been starting up but this is probably a long enough ‘coming out of lockdown’ post. Next up is a return to our tried and tested post formula of a bad, good and learned during this strange period of our lives.

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