Come what May

We’re still waiting for spring here on Rum. We had the odd day of sunshine but we are less than a week away from June and still to see midges. This is our fourth May here and frankly had it been our first we’d have probably already headed off on the ferry back to the mainland, assuming it was running at all! We are still wearing coats, lighting the fire of a morning and fretting about the various hatchlings struggling with the cold.

The lack of polytunnel has obviously hampered us hugely crops-wise although Ady has constructed the frame of a mini polytunnel for us to start seedlings off in it has not been still or warm enough to stretch the plastic over it yet. We have a few things in under plastic sheets but it’s a very slow start indeed to the year.

We are still muddling through with hatchlings – the duck still has three ducklings outside with her, growing well. We have two indoors with us who after an initial blip of not doing well due to the wrong diet have perked up and are doing ok, utterly imprinted on Scarlett but that’s fine – she will after all always be around to ‘mother’ them. The goose still has four of her five goslings and is doing ok with them too.

We had friends visit which was lovely and our volunteer has been making great progress with the cob project while we get on with other things around the croft.

It would be nice to take my coat off though!

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