Cob on

We’ve had a fair bit of interest in coming and being part of the cob build already and I have written a couple of articles for various newsletters and magazines which will come out over the next few months and should drum up more. We already have a couple of people ‘booked in’, the ‘whiteboard of control’ ready to be filled up with plans and action points (currently it is a wipe clean graffiti wall in the bathroom which we are all enjoying!) and we have been re-reading our library of cob build books.

Today though we were out ‘getting practical’ on the house site. After nearly three years familiarising ourselves with this bit of land we are confident that we have selected the best spot so today we cleared a large area with the scythe – all of which went to the pigs and marked out the northeast corner point from which the south and west points are marked and the quarter circle shape spans.

The next step is to begin digging out the perimeter of the footprint and laying in drainage. It was very exciting today to stand in the space which will be our bedroom or lounge and imagine ourselves standing on that same spot this time next year and being inside.

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