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Travelling round the country with everything we need for a year was always going to take more than a snail’s shell for the four of us. We have long hankered after a campervan anyway and this is the perfect reason to trade in my rather tatty Sharan people carrier for one. It will enable us to sleep in our own van, take some time out from our hosts if needed, be able to cook/ wash / sleep / use the loo etc in our own space and have plenty of room for all the ‘essentials’ we’ll be bringing with us. It will also mean we can take time out on campsites along the way, stay with friends without imposing too much and if all else fails simply pull over and make a cup of tea.

My car has been a true and faithful friend for nearly 9 years, and has shephered me and the two children around along with many friends thanks to it’s seven seats. It still gets through it’s MOT each year and despite looking rather shabby inside and out (white is never a great colour for the outside, and pale grey is even worse for the interior when it is a mobile Home Education Unit!

The car is due an MOT in December so it is my plan to put it through a month early in November with fingers firmly crossed that it passes or at least doesn’t need much work to do so. At that point it will have a year’s MOT and six months tax and hopefully be a viable buy for someone else and give us a big cash boost to the campervan fund. The fund is currently made up of Operation Crap Clear funds from ebay and car boot sales. We have also been living fairly frugally and intend to carry on doing so saving a couple of hundred pounds a month. Whatever we have raised from selling stuff, selling the car and saving money will be our campervan fund come November /December.

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