As if by magic…

the deliveries arrived.

I’ve still not got used to the fact I am no longer a Very Large Person. I could probably fit a friend inside these waterproofs with me! I’ll settle for lots of layers of clothing next time I wear them.

But more excitingly than oversized oilskins was the arrival (finally! At last!) of the woodburner. And it got even better because within hours of it arriving our lovely friend Sandy arrived with his tools and ripped out bits of the static!

and we had it lit and emitting heat within hours. It needed to season but tonight we have had it properly hot.

Suddenly the world is looking a better place again. Warm and dry, two of the basic things I feel an utter responsibility to keep my children, so it’s a huge relief to feel we are meeting those needs once again.

A few more glimpses of our life these last week or so:

getting outside. Long days spent indoors in limited space with a sibling make for squabbles (I call it ‘squibbling’) – wellied and waterproofed up suddenly they are best friends again drawing each others attention to the beauty around them once more.

Beauty like this, view from the top of the croft

and looking back towards the static

nature at it’s finest, turning of the seasons

winkle stash 🙂

4 thoughts on “As if by magic…”

    1. It certainly is 🙂 The windows need just one wipe down and then they pretty much stay clear and the bedroom walls and ceilings are now dry rather than dripping. The cold we could cope with, although it is rather lovely not to have to, but the damp was really tough.

  1. The woodfire looks amazing — I don’t think there’s anything else that gets you properly warm in the winter. As for the views — I could attempt to find words for them, but I’d fail. And I’m sure they’re so much more amazing in person than in pictures.

    I’m still loving every update about your amazing and challenging life on Rum.

    1. Thanks Beppe, it is suddenly all a lot easier again. The lack of a warm, dry space to come home to was getting us down. The woodburner will hopefully create that for us 🙂

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