All hail the winkle

This week I have mostly been looking like this

While Ady has been mostly looking like this:

we’ve been mostly looking at this:

Tomorrow is the last day of the current round of daylight tides. People do winkle pick in the dark with torches. We won’t be. So seven days of picking and we get to take a couple of weeks off before the next round of daylight low tides. Tomorrow will be a short day before we lose the light. We have a lovely big pile of full sacks to show for our week which will hopefully translate into cold hard cash.

We have both quite enjoyed it this week. It’s mundane and mindless but it is outside, in daylight, nicely physical so you feel you had done some work at the end of each day and earned a beer, it is in the most gorgeous location with the sea in one direction and Rum in a panorama the rest of the way. We are kept company by gulls and crows, crabs and little fish and the headspace that being out in the open breathing fresh air and using your body gives you is amazing.

Today we were admiring the amazing colours of the clouds in the sky and the rather eerie light we were working in when the reason for it became clear and we got hailed on . Fortunately we were with our backs to the hail and with hoods up it was almost cosy working with it drumming on our backs and hoods, a bit like being in a tent in the rain.

It’s been quite a week. Who knows what the next one will bring.

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