Ah, January.

A time for looking back – I always take some time out in January to look back over the previous year. It’s my birthday on 6th and along with facing up to being another year older I like to recap on what has happened in the twelve months gone by,  to celebrate the victories, learn from the mistakes and congratulate myself on staying put on the planet while it circled all the way around the sun again. Last January we were packing up our lives ready to set off on adventure. Willow was sitting on our driveway, a To Let sign was on display in our front garden, our resignation letters were ready to print off and hand in, a full diary of names and addresses of hosts we had yet to meet stretched infront of us. We were filled with anticipation, nerves and the knowledge that whatever else might happen in the coming year it wouldn’t be normal. conventional or like anything else we’d ever experienced. 2011 was an amazing year, exceeding expectations, broadening horizons, opening eyes, stretching boundaries, increasingly knowledge, whetting appetites, living, learning, laughing, loving.

A photo a month from our wonderful year:

January – on the beach in Sussex with friends
February – our Bye Then party, being presented with the most generous gifts
March – our first host, we slept in our tent, it was minus four at night!
April – Devon. It’s the photos that don’t go as planned that make me smile the most when I look back at them!
May – Somerset. Ady has his 47th birthday and celebrates with stick fighting with Dragon!
June – North Wales. Remote mountainside host with broken down Willow. I learn how to carve a spoon
July – Durham. It looks like a prize marrow, infact it is the worlds largest courgette!
August – Yorkshire. We went underground!
September – John O Groats – we made it all the way to the top!

October – Scotland, wild camping. In a round of playing games Dragon creates one called ‘the long and confusing game’ making use of dice, playing cards, toy cars and a very complicated set of rules.
November – Isle of Eigg. We spent two weeks looking across the sea at Rum before heading there to see it in more detail. From a distance it looked like it could be home, from close up it looked even more likely.
December – Peak District. At a youth hostel for a group holiday with friends.

I also look ahead, spend some time thinking about the coming year and what I’d like to achieve. What hopes and dreams and wishes I have and what I can do to make them happen.

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