A lot to smile about

Life is good 🙂

In the mornings Dragon and Star let out and feed the animals here at Middlewick – chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, all under the watchful eye of Maggie the dog. Watching them with animals, up to their ankles in mud, in their element. This is so their natural habitat!

We have some fabulous friends here in Glastonbury and it’s been great to spend time with them these last few weeks, catching up on each others lives, laughing, drinking, bouncing ideas off each other. Amazing to think that this time last year we didn’t even know Jill and Johnny and it was a chance encounter being in the right time at the right place as WWOOFers that brought us together, now we’re on our third visit!

We’ve been lucky to spend lots of time with amazing friends in the last month too – helping us through some tough times, loving us for who we are and just being fantastic. In the very rare dark time I hug the knowledge of my amazing times to me and it keeps me warm and fuzzy.

My Mate Mich – one of Star’s extra Mummies

January – crisp, clear, sunny walks with a pub at the other end!
with friends on the beach – life probably doesn’t get much better
cooking round a fire on a Friday night in January – rules are for the rest of the world!  
The Barts – they’ve caught up with us so many times on our adventure they are practically WWOOFers too!

We have a plan, actually that should be A Plan. We’re back in Sussex for a couple of weeks to catch up with family and friends – and very excited about meeting one of our blog followers IRL for the first time :). We’ll be getting our house de-tenanted and on the market too. Then we’re off back up to Scotland again – the calling of the isles is very strong, particularly given all these reports of the Northern Lights! We have our croft interview, some catching up with friends, a bit more WWOOFing, some getting to know the rest of the community on the Isle of Rum and a Crofting course. Busy, busy, busy!

We’ve also lined up some more WWOOFing for March and April, this time down on the south coast where we’re hoping to make some more new friends, pick up some more new skills and enjoy what is clearly the best suited lifestyle to us again while we wait for our house to sell.

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