Job List

Things still to do before we go away and the house gets magnolia-ised.


  • I’m thinking we will leave the empty bookcase in situ, assuming the tenants don’t object. There is one large box-ful of books to go to my parents. 
  • There are rather a lot of coats on the coat rails along the wall which need going through. Some will be coming with us, some will be going. A job to do


  • Not a lot actually. All it contains is: 2 sofas which are staying, a table and chairs which are staying, a rug which is staying, a TV unit with selected dvds which are staying, TV, video, dvd player etc which are staying. The furniture will go over to my parents for storage, the dvds etc will be boxed up and go over there too. There are pictures on the wall which will come down and go over there too. The room just needs everything moving into the centre and taking off the wall ready for Dad to come in.


  • I have already cleared all the crockery etc we won’t be keeping. Some of the remaining pots and pans will be coming with us, the rest will go into storage. Approximately 2 boxes worth of stuff to pack up just before we leave. Food will obviously all be eaten! There isn’t much decorating to do in the kitchen, maybe a bit of cleaning but we can do that the day before we get letting agents in.

The Playroom aka the holding bay!

  • The cupboard under the stairs needs attention. It was emptied completely but currently contains camping stuff such as a tent. The camping stuff we are keeping needs to go into storage (I think it will fit in our loft which we will be storing stuff in), the rest needs selling. A Job to do
  • The units now contain things we are keeping including photo albums which could be boxed up, my sewing machine and some fabric which needs either using up or selling or putting into boxes for storage, a few games and puzzles we are keeping which could be boxed up for storage and then the units dismantle and put away for storage. The walls need clearing of pictures and posters. A job to do

The Bathroom

  • Has been cleared of all but things we will be using up before we go. It is ready to be repainted.

Star’s Bedroom

  • Rather more to do in here 🙂 Her wardrobe needs a final cull – some of the stuff is to come with us on holiday to be given to smaller friends before the wardrobe itself is dismantled and gotten rid of. A job to do
  • Star’s bookcase has a couple of boxes full of books which need to be boxed up to keep and the bookcase gotten rid of. A job to do
  • Star’s bed is full of cuddly toys which she wants to keep. A box needs to be got ready to store them in and I think they will fit in the loft. She has several boxes of toys which will also go into the loft. A job to do
  • In summary this room needs some furniture clearing and disposing of, some toys and clothes still to leave the house, some toys and clothes to go into boxes so that all remaining is the bed and boxes of toys and clothes ready for repainting the room.

Dragon’s Room

  • Needs all but the identical treatment to Star’s room above. Wardrobe, bookcase and drawer units need clearing into boxes and furniture needs to go. Soft toys and toys, books and clothes being kept need putting into boxes so that all left is bed and boxes ready for decoration. A job to do

Our bedroom and en suite bathroom

  • have been cleared already with only stuff being kept and ready to be boxed up left. It’s ready for redecorating already.

We have two weekends left before we go away in which to achieve this – one weekend for the playroom and hall and one for the kids rooms. Dad will come and decorate and we can invite some letting agents in to view the house and start marketing it to tenants. We still have the garden and garage to totally clear but that can be done during December and January and won’t prevent people looking round the house.

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