The weather continues to be kind – very still, very mild and pretty dry – for Rum!

So we’ve been out digging and are making pretty good headway with the house plot clearing. We only get about 6 hours daylight each day just now, so once you take out animal feeding duties, lunch and of course stopping to listen to Popmaster we are lucky to get four hours of digging in, but actually four hours digging is plenty!

The ground is already draining well and although we have not found much clay yet we are finding good solid subsoil just a couple of feet down, the top soil is fairly easy to move although the reeds are dense and the roots of them are tough to break through with the spade. Fortunately this bit of land has been turned over by the pigs within the last year so is already better drained and worked than other areas on the croft. Our current plan is to spread the spoil out and use it for ‘landscaping’ the area which will be our front garden. It’s actually pretty nice top soil with loads of worms and the disturbance of us there digging is attracting the chickens, ducks and geese over who will do a fine job of fine tilling it and grazing anything that dares to start growing.

Nic digging