A word or two from the Wanderers

I’ve just been reading the last couple of entries out to the others and that coupled with a conversation we had earlier today about journal keeping and diaries I wrote as a teenager myself and enjoy re-reading from time to time led to the idea of them having a turn at blogging every so often. I’m very aware that this blog has my voice as the narrator and while I hope I can give a fairly accurate representation of the year I think it would be nice to have the occasional ‘in their own words’ contribution from the rest of the family. So, dictated to me, at the time of coming up with the idea so with no prior planning are a couple of sentences each from the rest of the WW crew.

Star says:
“I think it’s going to be really exciting. I think this bit is a bit boring waiting at the campsite, I want to get started with the rest of the year. I’m enjoying the walks and I like wild garlic leaves!”

Dragon says:
“I’ve only just recovered from Star’s stinky garlic breath after she ate the wild garlic! Since we’ve been in the van my sleeping habits have changed lots and lots. I’m getting used to other food – oh talking about food, the gas bottle has just run out halfway through cooking our dinner. Daddy has gone outside with a torch to see if he can change over the gas bottle. I’m getting excited about actually doing some work (WWOOFing stuff – getting out and being busy rather than sitting around). I’m missing our chickens and eating their grain (Nic says – I didn’t know you did that!) – that’s all folks!”

Ady says:
“I’m finding that I can do things that I would previously have decided I couldn’t do without trying and called someone out to do for me. I’m really touched by the phonecalls and support from friends (thank yous particularly to Fergie and James). I’m finding it mad and crazy staying on a campsite where there are loads of people still clinging to the same lifestyle they would have at home – watching TV in their van rather than actually spending time outside, parked in a campsite right next to another caravan or campervan just like a housing estate. My wonderance of the day is why are all caravans and campervans white?”

12 thoughts on “A word or two from the Wanderers”

  1. Jeez, I’ve never eaten the chook corn but no doubt the kids have had a go.
    Much love to you all – I had a “saw this and thought of you” moment, so if you have an address you’ll be at, do text it to me!

  2. We’ve always wondered why people have white campers/caravans too & what’s the point of holidaying in beautiful places when they just stay in watching their favourite TV shows? We’ve seen it so many times… Really sad & pointless.

    Nevermind, you’ll soon be away from all that. Just enjoy your last days relaxing & dreaming about the wonderful times ahead!

    Have fun!

    Kay 🙂

  3. Willow is crying out for a mural! We never take a TV in the caravan – horrible thought. Though I do like to have an internet connection 😉 Love to you all.

  4. Love the mural idea, you must! Am wondering how Ds sleeping habits have changed… with the sun or just with Nic?!

  5. that was my explanation too Mich, although we did then wonder why cars come in all different colours, do decided it is just plain laziness on caravan designers parts!

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