Wondering how to join in

The biggest lesson I think we have learnt so far is that is not money that makes the world go round, it is not governments or supermarkets or other corporate giants that make things happen. It is people. People make things happen, people create change, people have the power.

A quote I love from Margaret Mead:

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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2 thoughts on “Wondering how to join in”

  1. Hi Guys.
    I seen the channel 5 piece documenting your journey and I was wondering if any of you were aware, or practice, permaculture*?

    I think you would benefit hugely from it’s design principals and whilst your efforts are admirable I couldn’t help but feel that you could have a far bigger return on your energies.

    Kind regards.


  2. hello Nic, Ady and the children,

    My name is Sophie, from France and I just watched on Tv a documentary about your wonderful family life.

    It is indeed very courageous for making such a big life change away from the facilities of a modern life style.

    I really enjoyed watching you all living a simple but so rich life on this beautiful island.

    My husband and I have lived for 2 years in 2015 and 2016, on our wooden boat on the canal du midi in Toulouse. We were self-sufficient with electricity as we also have the same Honda generator and we pumped the water in the canal with filters to use the water only for showers and dishes. Drinking water came from a well. i mostly wached clothes by hand, in the canal. we cooked with gaz bottles. we heated the boat with a wooden stove that we found.

    My husband worked part time and I stayed at home, taking care of our dog and cat, cooking…., and recovering from episodic depression after working in a stressful environment in Paris.

    We moved back in an small apartment in march 2017 because we are renovating the boat and making the living space wider by removing the walls separating the main room from the kitchen, and building the kitchen in the rear of the boat.

    we would love to move back into the boat and find a nearby little field to grow most or our basic goods and raise chicken and hens.

    We also would love to visit your family one day. We bought a 30 year-old motor home, it is such a cool vehicule to travel with.

    Congratulations avoir all the fois things you make, specially, the beautiful wool. I love knitting.

    Meanwhile, we wish you many more blessings.

    kind regards,

    Sophie and Med.

    ps: Did you have a chance to build the house?

    I see no pictures of it.

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