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Also entitled ‘Do what you love, love what you do’.

There are reasons we live the life we do. Whilst we have some pretty idealistic eco views we are far from purists and we make some pretty big compromises in our current lifestyle in order to preserve some of the things we hold dear and consider more important than others.

The key one is time spent together. Ady and I chose each other as life partners, we didn’t get married for any other reason than because we love each other and there is no one else we would rather spend time in the company of. Which meant that however much we enjoyed the company of work mates over the years we still missed being with each other. The same applies to Davies and Scarlett. They are not just our children, a responsibility, the continuation of our genes. They are also people we genuinely enjoy the company of and want to spend as much time as possible with. In years gone by we used to aim for quality rather than quantity – we have photo albums filled with pictures of the four of us at the zoo, on camping trips, at the beach, on holiday. Then one day we realised that maybe quantity is just as important. These days we are together all the time, life lived alongside each other.

Another really important thing for us is following your passions. Indulging yourself in doing what makes you happy, knowing that if it makes you happy you will probably do it well. The basis of our Home Educating philosophy is in doing what makes you happy, what interests you, what you do well. It is true that we cannot live an entirely moneyless existence but we do believe that if you do something meaningful and soul feeding and do it well then the chances are it will be something that can sustain you too. This could be rearing animals, growing food, foraging etc in order to feed ourselves or barter for the other things we need. Or it may be by some creative output which is marketable to sell to others.

Rum has offered all four of us the opportunity to follow our passions, learn new skills and find ways of transferring our passion for our surroundings into something which can bring in a trickle of income. For Davies that has been inspiring him in his art – using the landscape, wildlife and architecture of Rum as the subject matter for his postcards, cards and artwork. For Scarlett the colours of Rum through the seasons, different parts of the island and different times of day have given her a colour palette to create candles, for me the blog, writing about our lifestyle and the lessons we have learnt here have given me a fantastic subject matter for my words – selling articles and finding ways to draw in people to support us and work with us to follow our dreams. Now Ady has found a way of using his skills too. For a long time I have been posting his photographs up on the blog, on facebook and showing them to friends and several people have shown interest in buying copies. Now we have set up a place to do just that. You can click on the photo in the sidebar to be taken to his gallery or click on the photo below.

Before winter washed the colour away

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