Word heavy, picture light

So time to even up the balance a little….

Here are some April images.

Ady feeding the birds. We have a broody turkey sitting on 11 eggs, three broody geese on well over 20 eggs between them and a feisty bantam on an unknown number of eggs (as in she is too pecky for us to manage to count them!)
ady and birds

We have ordered a little polytunnel to be put up for seasonal use as we are already out of room in the one Ady made and not everything will get planted on outside. Tomatoes, chillies, peppers and some of the herbs will stay inside so we need more under cover space. In the meantime I have been staying true to my reuse and repurpose ideals and using some washed up on the beach fish boxes, filled with old emergency light units as mini proppgators to start off the next round of seedlings.
emergency lighting


Which means I really have to share this photo. My basil had not germinated this year, which is unusual, as in previous years I have done really well with it and even had excess plants to gift to friends.
I always have music on to sing along to when I am in the polytunnel and my most recent playlists this year have all been cheery happy songs. I read somewhere recently that you should swear at basil seeds while planting them though. Now last years playlist contained some of my more sweary songs, infact I deliberately changed the playlist after being caught singing along rather loudly to something by Alanis Morisette when someone was walking by… Always happy to try a crazy idea out I sowed some more and helped them along with the odd cuss… the results speak for themselves.

Two mainland trips in as many weeks – one planned one for all four of us to the dentist, enabling us to take full advantage of advance booking and railcards. One rather less planned in advance just for Scarlett and I for a brace fixing appointment. Two nights off, train and ferry travel, accommodation etc all not budgeted for in advance. We drowned our sorrows by going out for hot chocolate!


hot choc

I also had a rather decadent but very lovely day trip yesterday to our neighbouring Isle of Canna. A Rum friend and I decided to make the most of the summer ferry timetable meaning a day trip *somewhere* is possible so we went over for lunch. We sat in the sunshine, chatted to people, enjoyed a glass of wine with Rum and a sea eagle in the distance and then came home to Rum again.

canna daventyres

Rum weather plus it being April meant every single possible weather thrown at us, often in the course of just one day. As I type I sit here with sore lips and a slightly sunburnt nose from being outside last week in a t shirt having been taking photos of blizzarding snow for the last two days and checking the temperature in our bedroom just now to find it is 4 degrees!

snow in april

We are by turns being delighted by the red deer – a hind and (nearly a) yearling calf meandered slowly past the caravan last night

evening deer

They are likely part of the same group who have managed to kill five young but established (as in older than our time here on Rum) trees on the croft by ring barking or girdling them so they died. They have also munched on all the young willow we have planted in various places around the croft, to aid with drainage, to create shelter or structures and for use as craft material in basketry. We manage to protect most of our crops from them in cages but they have also knocked down a fence.

Meanwhile the shop continues to do well with very promising early in the season sales and yet more lines of items being added for sale as we come up with them.



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