Wondering *and* wandering

The title of this blog came about mostly due to me often using the wrong version of the word when I typed it but using both words frequently.

1.a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.
2.a person or thing regarded as very good, remarkable, or effective.
1.desire to know something.
2.feel doubt.

1. walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way.
2.move slowly away from a fixed point or place.

Life with two children, home educated and ever curious led to frequent wandering and wondering. Finding the answers to our questions and ponderings, exploring ideas. Roaming around, often with no specific purpose other than the joy of the journey. Finding wonder in all we happened upon.

In 2010 our wonderings and wanderings bought us to starting this blog and planning a year long adventure – the culmination of several years of keeping an allotment, having chickens and ducks and thirsting for something different. In 2012 our wonderings and wanderings led us here to the Isle of Rum. A place which met all of our needs at the time – wild and beautiful, acres of freedom and opportunity, a community of interesting pioneering people. This new life offered daily opportunities to wonder and to wander, chances to learn and explore, to experiment and to discover answers to every ‘What if….?’ question we could possibly think of to ask.

As a family of four individuals our passions, interests, needs and wishes are always going to be ever evolving and our wondering and wandering desires have altered myriad times even since this blog began. When we started we were a couple of adults and two young children. We are now coming close to four adults and our urges to wander are stretching beyond Rum’s shores. Our inclinations to wonder are throwing up what ifs that cannot be answered here – or maybe they can but given a big what if just now is ‘what if we left Rum?’ we can only answer that by wandering a bit.

With so many parallels to our 2011 adventure – swapping vehicles, planning the first location but having the rest still fluid, knowing that we’ll be returning here either for good or to pack up, shedding possessions and responsibilities, tying up loose ends, planning a goodbye party, we are off wandering again, at least for a while.

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