When it all makes sense

There is a feeling in the air of change, of moving on, of tides turning, seasons changing, clocks ticking.

It could well be the spring finally arriving – delicate flowers are in bloom underfoot, the air is filled with the sounds of curlews and cuckoos calling, tonight it was still daylight at 1030pm.
We’ve had family here which always leaves a bittersweet taste as they leave – lovely to have them here, sad to see them go, knowing it will be months before we next see them. Birthdays will have passed, children will have grown, lives moved on without that constant contact and simply being present for the small stuff.

It’s been an intense few weeks for visitors for us – people staying with us in the static, visiting for day trips, staying in the village but eating with us. All lovely to have but distracting from our purpose. We’d gotten a little sidetracked – by the winter, by visitors, by various other responsibilities and the feeling that not much had moved along on the croft was weighing heavily. I shared this with an on island friend who drew my attention to the fact that the way to make things happen was not to bemoan them but to get on with them. Buoyed up by support from her and some tear jerkingly wonderful parting words from my sister in law we have many plans of action and have spent the last two days making things happen.

Inevitably things have stopped a full on, no hitches result. The car battery was dead so that took time, a friend needed a hand and you can never underestimate the time spent having ‘a quick cup of tea’ but it’s been a productive weekend with tired muscles, mud covered clothing and a real visible difference on the croft to show for it. Pictures to follow as they probably tell the story far better than my words.

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