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Not nearly enough pictures of late. Let’s make up for that now!

A few from one of the highlights of our week each week – the Thursday trip to Soay aboard the Sheerwater. A two hour boat ride away from Rum and back again with our Rum Ranger aboard to help us spot bird and sealife.

A Great Skua aka Bonxie

dolphins, a very frequent sight. We were lucky enough to witness the SuperPod that has been in the area a couple of weeks running, a truly magical experience.

blurry but still beautiful

more with the ranger, we were lucky enough to join in with some bird ringing.

a gratuitous shot of Star just because she is gorgeous and this photo makes me smile!
waiting for the blow! we’ve seen minke whales the last 3 weeks running, totally spectacular to be so close to such amazing creatures within a couple of miles of our home.
being a caterpillar! Cousins enjoying a Biodiversity Event with Ranger Mike
more of the same, the biodiversity race, a firm fave with us here 🙂

wildlife spotting, while cousins were here we saw a wide array of seabirds and some minke whales and porpoises

eggs! It’s been pancakes for lunch very regularly here at the croft!We have a broody hen currently sitting on a clutch of eggs so may well have our first croft ‘birth’ sometime soon 🙂

We had the most excellent Elsa Jean McTaggart playing a gig here last weekend which had all us Rumics up and dancing. The menfolk were not at all shy in getting on the dancefloor – young and old!

and the rest of us quickly joined them with a ceilidh taking us far into Saturday morning
red deer at Kilmory, as photographed by Dragon

our croft warming barbecue, well attended despite the weather

with the grandparents – Star loving having her favourite grand dad to wrestle with

another gratuitous one – sunset from my lounge window. These are the views that will carry us through winter.

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