What it’s all about

In the middle of this most glorious of weeks, sandwiched between sunny days out on the croft seeing peregrine falcons fly above the croft mere hours after we’d been watching a documentary about them, newly hatched chicks running around after their clucking mother, the tentative joy of an empty egg peeping out from under Mrs Turkey this evening (but no chick spotted just yet, hoping it is safely nestled underneath her waiting for siblings), the sheer delight of today’s first Sheerwater boat trip of the season and the triumph of an order for cake coming through by email and splendid sales in the shop, the feel good factor of friends coming out this evening to join Ady for birthday brownies and a beer or two came some sobering news.

One of our Rum friends lost a parent, his wife lost a father in law, their daughter lost a granddad. We all here on Rum have lost a man who was a fixture of Rum life for several weeks on end every year as he visited.

Life is so very fleeting, so precious and our grip on it so very tenuous. My Dad says that death is the only true certainty about life. We are here such a short time we simply have to make it count, enjoy it, get every last ounce of everything out of it while we can.

Chase those adventures, sing that song, be kind, feed your soul, strive for those dreams. Eat the brownies, drink the fizz, laugh with friends.







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